Jay Day Images | Our Photo Album

Here is a little peek into our own photo album when we get to turn the cameras on ourselves! :)

This was our own engagement photo session.  Jason had noticed this beautiful field and suggested we try to set up to take our photos here.  So we got dressed up and took our camera gear.  We would set up a shot and then run back into place with just enough time to smile. :) 


On the day of our wedding shower.  We made our own t-shirts! 

Exploring on a photo trip to one of our favorite spots in the Delta, Nitta Yuma.


Braving the cold to take some photos of the beautiful but rare snowfall here in Mississippi! 


Here we are on our first date...a photo date of course! We took some photos of the sunset on the Mississippi River in Vicksburg.


Our little Super family!


Photo Walks...I love when we get to play! 



Photo trip to the Delta, one of our favorite spots is Nitta Yuma and Rolling Fork.


Jay practicing his photo Ninja skills to get the shot!